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engineEngine Maintenance --- The power plant of your boat is one of the most important components of your vessel. To have trouble-free weekends, it is imperative you properly choose and maintain your engines and outdrives. Failure to do so will ruin your weekend and probably cost you more than the original maintenance would. Many Lake Havasu customers do not realize how important engine maintenance really is until they are being towed in by Sea Tow.

For example, your "sea water pump" ( the pump that brings the lake water to the engine water pump ) should be serviced every year without fail. Lake Havasu offers conditions that bring sand into the impellers of your sea water pump and damages the rubber impellers and pump casing. Failure to replace these impellers and casings can cause a pump failure and engine overheating. Even if you catch this in time, the small pieces of the rubber impeller will be clogging your engines water jackets and you may incur engine damage from overheating. The water pump service is far less expensive than the tow back to the launch ramp, the engine repairs and the embarrassment of disappointing your friends and family with a spoiled weekend.

Our sophisticated diagnostic equipment can review your engines and report back many potential problems before they can cause any serious damage to your engines. So get in here and get your engines fully serviced each year before you hit the water. The oil and fuel systems are the lifeblood of your trouble free weekends, so don’t take chances.

New Engines – Prestige Marine has does business with all of the leading performance engine manufactures. Mercury Marine and ILMOR are by far the most popular in many of the performance boats on the water today. But we have connections to smaller builders and Prestige Marine can also custom build the perfect engine for your needs by request. We have it all when it comes to engines. With Chris the owner of Prestige Marine being an active part of the Hot Boat Test Team, we know that engines work best in boats first hand!


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