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outdrivesOutdrive Maintenance
Many new boat owners don’t understand what services they need to perform each year to protect the stability of their outdrives. Especially on larger, heavy, high-powered boats that put a lot of strain on the outdrives. Yearly maintenance is mandatory to keep you in the water trouble-free!

Each year the drives should be removed from the back of the boat and spline and couplers should be visually inspected, aligned and lubricated. Failure to perform this service can be costly of the shaft leading from the drive to the coupler mounted on the back of the motor was to bind and cause undo pressure to the upper gear set the drive. This can also prevent a very common problem of coupler failure when you are out on the lake and motor is revving up, the boat is in gear and you are going nowhere.

Along with the alignment and lubrication, you should also drain and replace the outdrive fluids each year with new high-performance gear lube. This will keep your gear sets in the best condition possible and maintain an optimum lubrication effect. Outdrive fluid changes also can provide quick clues there may be other problems like defective seals and water getting into your drives

New Outdrives -- Want to replace your current outdrive with a beefy'er, more sturdy performance drive. We have them here and ready for you right now. We can even build you a custom drive to meet the specifications of your power package and desired performance. We have access to XXXXX ourdrives, XXXXX Outdives ...........

Rebuilt Outdrives -- Break your outdrive on Saturday morning. The gang is all standing on the launch ramp with their coolers? No problem!! Prestige Marine has rebuilt Alpha and Bravo drives just sitting here waiting to be bolted onto your boat and get you back in the water in a very short time. We can even rebuild your drive if you choose! Let's face it, outdrive failures are fairly common, many times occurring from poor maintenance, or stress from high power, heavy hulls and conditions. We are ready to help you on a moments notice. Our shop is here to help you ...we are open 7-Days-a-Week during the peak summer boating season and available with just a phone call or a radio call to Sea Tow.

Outdrive Service -- Many boat owners do not realize their boat's outdrives need to be serviced every year. Servicing an outdrive is far more than changing the case fluid. There are many items that need to be looked at, adjusted and lubricated. Especially the spline that inserts the drive to the engine coupler. This spline needs to be properly aligned and lubricated to prevent undo pressure to the upper gear set of your outdrive. Poorly lubricated and misaligned splines can can a catastrophic outdrive failure! Dual outdrive alignments, connecting bars, hydraulic trim systems, drive indicator adjustments and much more are addressed in these crucial services.


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