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LAKE TIME – That’s what it’s all about! You get out to the lake, load all your friends, launch the boat, and something breaks. What a fast way to ruin the weekend! In many cases, it doesn’t have to be this way. Many failures are from too much fun and not enough maintenance.

Meet your new Personal Boat Advocate … Chris Hamlin. Dedicated to making sure your free time remains your fun time, Chris will work with you to establish regular maintenance schedules for your prize possession to help prevent unexpected breakdowns. Keep your precious free time on the water and have fun!

PRESTIGE MARINE is here for all your boating needs. Certified and Authorized Repairs for nearly every known major marine brand, Chris has been extensively factory trained and certified by Mercury Marine and can handle anything that may arise with your Mercury engines and outboards.

The team at Prestige Marine
Prestige Marine in Lake Havasu City, where all boats are treated like our own.

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