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Sept 8, 2007

Dear Chris and Jen,

We wanted to take a few moments to tell you how much we appreciate your professional service and friendship. Sending you this letter, we want others to know of the professionalism and expedient service we received from your company. What we are really impressed with is the personal service we were afforded by Chris. We really felt special, and that is what will bring us back. Let me tell the story of our first encounter with Prestige Marine;

We had planned a great weekend with our son and his friends for his birthday celebration at Lake Havasu. They had rented a boat for the week, starting the party well before we arrived in town. Shortly after launching their “rental boat,” a 26’ XXXXXXXX, they experienced a severe problem with the Mercury outdrive. Being the 4th of July weekend, there was not really a boat repair facility in town that wanted to get right in there and do something to help. Chris Hamlin did just that. He diagnosed the problem, conferred with the boat owner and got the boat back on the water the next day! We were pretty impressed when we heard this story as we pretty much knew everyone in Havasu that repaired power boats, but we had never heard of Chris or Prestige Marine.

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On Saturday of that same weekend, we experienced a drive failure on our 35’ Formula Fastech near the Topock Marina, way north of the city. Complaining about being stuck with a failed drive on the 4th of July weekend, my son suggested I can “his mechanic” on his cell phone and he would get me back in the water the same day. I laughed because I had never heard of calling the Mercury repair guy on his cell phone. This would be a first.

Low and behold, I talked to Chris on his cell phone, explained the problem I was having and he told me to meet him at his shop on SUNDAY MORNING at 7:00am and he would see what he could do for me. Unbelievable I thought, so I brought the trailer back to Topock and took the Formula back to Havasu for my 7:00am meeting with my new mechanic .

Sure as heck, there he was, on a Sunday morning to look at my boat! It seems I had broken an upper gear set on the XZ Mercury Drive. Chris removed the drive from the boat, rebuilt the upper case and then spotted some distressed gears in the lower gear set. He recommended changing this not to be in the same condition a few weeks later. Chris rebuilt my ENTIRE drive with XR gear sets, serviced the coupler, and had my boat ready to launch by 1:00pm that same day! ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND

To whom it may concern. I have now taken my boat to Chris three times for repairs. One time a serious outdrive failure, and two others very minor problems that he dropped everything and fixed them so we could get on the water. In each instance, the service has been professional and expedient. We highly recommend anyone with a power boat to go meet Chris and use them anytime they need service.

Don Hughes
35’ Formula Fastech

Chris & Jen,

Wow, we can’t thank you enough for saving our butts last Labor Day weekend. Here we were, a boat load of drunk friends and a broken boat. You can’t imagine the drama there! Thanks to you and SeaTow, our boat was brought out of the water, repaired and we were back on the water the next day! I don’t think there is another shop in Havasu that can make that claim.

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Please feel free to show this note to any of your potiental customers. We are so happy with the speed and efficiency of your service, you can bet you will be the only place we take our boat for repairs. And also many thanks for Russ from SeaTow as I don’t know how he put up with a boat load of crazy people like he did.
Many Thanks

Jim and Tracey Terhune

Orange, County, CA


What an unbelievable noise that was. The sound of an outdrive exploding at 6000 rpm is enough to give me nightmares for years to come. There we were stranded with a blow outdrive. After some very nice people pulled us back to the marina, we pretty much figured our weekend was shot to hell. We just can’t believe you had a drive all built and waiting to be bolted to our boat and we would be back in the water the same day. The same frickin day. This is Lake Havasu, the land of nothing ever gets done right or on time. You can tell we own a house here.

The funny thing is I stumbled on your business card in the little market in the channel. I took it with me just because it was interesting and had no idea I would need your service that exact same day. What a freak chance of luck to say the least.

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Many thanks for all your great service and fun attitude to work with. You and Jen are just perfect for what you are doing. And I promise I will bring you the boat before the next season starts to get the required services I can never see to remember taken care of.


William Taylor
Los Angeles, CA



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